Wallaby Way is a creative production agency based in Sydney. The moving image is one of the most evocative forms of media, and we aim to help brands connect with their audiences through engaging content creation. We specialise in online TVC, internal communications, hype reels, event coverage, behind the scenes shoots, documentary coverage, VNR’s, Web TV or shareable social media content.

Wallaby Way’s philosophy is to be at the forefront of the videography revolution as companies look to communicate, promote and circulate their brands in the environment of new media to engage their audiences in a noisy marketplace.

Working in the new and evolving DSLR technology, which will make our videos beautiful and cinematic, Wallaby Way creates videos to be used on a variety of platforms from internal branding to online content.

The Team

Vincent Rommelaere

Creative Director / Filmmaker / Editor

Vincent is a ‘hands-on’ man. He lives and breathes his work. A mixture of ten years experience in art direction and advertising agencies, Vincent’s intense passion for cinematography is an unstoppable combination in creating unique and engaging video content. His favourite film of all time is The Goonies. His biggest hope for the future is that he will be able to buy a hoverboard by 2015.


Kade Robinson

Videographer / Editor (contractor)

Kade is a proud cinefile whose dream is to one day direct a James Bond film. Until that day comes he’s content to focus on his other passion; creating entertaining short-form content for the web. A videographer with a background in marketing and copywriting, Kade prides himself on being commercially minded and loves that every shoot involves new challenges, people and places.


Owen Craven

Copywriter (contractor)

Owen loves the crazy evolution of new media but he despises bad grammar. His background is in visual arts and curation so he understands the impact and importance of the visual image to tell a story or sell a message. Additionally, with experience as a magazine editor, Owen helps you find the words that best compliment Wallaby Way’s videos to articulate your branding, message, and experience!